The Green Neighbor Clean Creek Challenge

Although we’ve enjoyed a wet winter, we still need to conserve our water supply. Water conservation practices offer long term benefits to the community and our future generations. Learn more about your water and water conservation in Texas on the Water IQ website, developed by the City of Austin in conjunction with the LCRA.

This spring, consider ways that you can be a Green Neighbor. Take the Green Neighbor Clean Creek Challenge and encourage your friends and neighbors to join you in this effort to:

  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • protect our natural resources
  • decrease waste

Green Neighbor booklets are available at libraries throughout Austin. When you and 40% of your neighbors join you in protecting water quality, you earn points, win prizes and become a Green Neighborhood! Click here to learn more about the Green Neighbor Clean Creek Challenge.

The Green Neighbor Clean Creek Challenge is a part of the Green City Initiative, a partnership between the City of Austin and the community. Its goal is to preserve and protect Austin’s environment. Learn more about water conservation in Austin at the Green City Austin website.

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