Baby, It's Cold Outside

Remember that one day, when we enjoyed fall? And now, all of a sudden, it’s winter? Welcome to Central Texas.

We’ve already had a few nights of below-freezing temperatures around Austin, which means we all need to keep an eye our Central Texas energy usage. We’re Texans…we’re used to being warm.

And even in Texas, we’re familiar with the three P’s meteorologists remind us to consider when it gets really cold outside; pets, plants and pipes. And no doubt you’ve already heard these warnings this winter.

Now is the time to pay attention to the effects of freezing temps on our homes and businesses. The pets and plants need your daily attention – your heating system should already be winter-ready. If it’s not, here are some basic steps to take to make sure your Austin HVAC system is ready for winter and you’ve got an eye on keeping the heating bills low.

Invest in Insulation and Efficiency

Small changes can have ripple effects, but big changes are worth even more. These home improvements aren’t cheap. Because they’re good for the environment as well as your budget, there are often government grants and loans available to help make them more affordable.

Bundle Up

There’s no need to keep your house balmy enough for shorts all year. Make sure you and your family have, comfortable, warm clothing and don’t be afraid to use it.

No one should feel cold in their home throughout the winter, but wearing warm clothes is a cheap and easy way to stay cozy. Best of all, you can create your own personal heating zone. Don’t like it so warm? Take off a layer. This way, there’s no fighting with a significant other about how warm to keep the living room.

If you don’t already have one, do yourself a favor and get a programmable thermostat. These little marvels make it easy to adjust the heat for different times of day automatically. No remembering to do it — it just happens.

Next time, we’ll take a look at more things you can do to save on your winter energy usage. Until then, consider signing up for one of our stellar maintenance plans. We’ll send out a licensed HVAC technician twice a year to Austin, Buda, Kyle, and San Marcos, Texas to make sure your home or business is functioning at its very best.