Leave it to the Professionals

There are plenty of small plumbing jobs that you probably can do on your own; these are not those jobs. The projects noted here are jobs that require a skilled plumber to repair. One poorly fixed part can cause huge repercussions throughout the entire system.

Moreover, when you realize that most insurance carriers will not cover DIY plumbing repairs ‘gone wrong,’ it really makes more sense to always have a professional plumber handle your Central Texas plumbing. But whatever you do, always leave these plumbing problems to the pros.

Leaky Faucets

A leaky faucet may seem like an easy fix. That is, until you disconnect the faucet from the sink and realize that there are far more little parts than you know what to do with. Add to that, there are four different types of faucets that you may have, and each one requires a different fix.

The most common faucet leak happens at the end of the spout. This is a sign that theshut-off valve is no longer watertight. Repairing it requires replacement of the washer that seals the valve. Identifying the bad washer is easy enough, but replacing it takes a level of skill and patience that most of us do not have. Beyond that, compression valves, cartridges, and ball and socket leaks are all much harder than the washer-based fix. Confused? Don’t be. Just call you plumber.

Water Heater Repair

Plumbers get more calls for water heater repairs than most other services combined. Many problems occur inside the tank-style water heaters that are in more than 90% of residential homes (sounds daunting). Problems can range from a failed anode rod, sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank, scale build-up on an electric heating element, a faulty thermostat, a corroded electrical connection, to a sticky temperature and pressure release valve.

Any of these problems may result in poor water heater performance, and the worst of them can turn your water heater into a ticking time bomb. Unfortunately, for most customers, by the time they call a plumber for a water heater repair, it is too late to save it. Just remember: water + electricity = call a plumber.

Next time, 1st Home and Commercial Services will focus on three more ‘Professionals Only’ plumbing jobs.

Until then, if you find you need assistance with your Central Texas plumbing, call the professionals at 1st Home and Commercial Services. We provide licensed professional plumbers in Austin, Buda, Kyle and San Marcos, Texas, and would be happy to help you fix your plumbing system.