Rainwater Harvesting

Winter is the perfect time to research and design new landscaping for your home or business. Lately the weather in Texas has been very dry with the occasional downpour thrown in. Creating a landscape that can survive the extremes in weather can be a challenge, but it is not impossible with a little planning. 1st Home and Commercial Services offers rainwater harvesting installation that can help homeowners and businesses save money and improve landscapes at the same time.

Rainwater harvesting is a way of collecting rainwater to use in many different ways such as landscaping, in home use, wildlife and livestock watering, and fire protection. Rainwater harvesting helps to decrease the demand people place on the existing water supply, reduce run-off, as well as erosion. Many areas in Texas have already experienced extreme growth over the past 5 to 10 years and no end is in sight. The growth has already created water shortages in some areas in Texas and will continue to create more issues as more people move to the area.

In addition to helping to reduce the demand on the water supply, rainwater harvesting offers a pure, soft and free from natural and man made chemicals water supply. Harvested rainwater has been shown to make plants thrive! They love the chemical and salt free water.

After the initial installation costs, rainwater harvesting is relatively inexpensive. If you plan to use the water for in home use, it will have to be treated, otherwise the other major expense is the collection components. Home and business owners can enjoy lower utility bills with the installation of these systems and a little help from Mother Nature.

Rainwater harvesting systems vary in size, but most systems are above ground, as underground systems tend to be more expensive due to excavation expenses. All systems contain the same basic parts. These include a catchment surface, conveyance system, storage, distribution, and treatment components.

If you are thinking about installing a system at your home or business and would like to see how they work in person, you can check out the systems at The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and the HEB off Brodie and Slaughter Lane in Austin, TX.

For more information about rainwater harvesting visit the Texas Water Development Board’s website. They have a very helpful FAQ page and a helpful links page that provide a wealth of information.

At 1st Home and Commercial Services we install John Deere Green Tech Water Harvesting Systems for our clients. We would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how a rainwater harvesting system can help you and/or your business conserve water and save money.