Water Heater Replacement in Austin

Shopping for a Water Heater in Austin?

Is your water heater causing problems? Are you interested in reducing your utility bills? First let’s explore why you may want to replace your water heater.

Signs that your water heater needs repair or replacement:

  • You don’t have enough hot water in your home.
  • You notice a leak at your water heater.
  • Water is either too hot or not hot enough.
  • Your water heater is making strange sounds.
  • You smell an odd odor at your faucet or water heater.

Most water heater problems are easy to diagnose. There are many components to a gas or electric water heater that may require adjustment to restore hot water to your home. The licensed plumbers at 1st Home and Commercial Services repair water heaters and perform routine maintenance, such as flushing your water heater to correct minor issues. We also install new water heaters if your water heater in Austin needs to be replaced.

Reduce your Utility Bills with a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heaters provide homeowners with hot water on demand. Because it only generates hot water when needed, it uses less energy than a traditional gas or electric water heater that stores hot water in a tank. Tankless water heater configurations depend on the size of your home and your typical hot water usage. 1st Home and Commercial Services will assess your plumbing system and recommend a tankless water heater solution that meets your needs.

Conserve water and energy by installing a tankless water heater and reduce your utility bills.

Solar Water Heaters

Installing a solar water heater will also help you reduce your utility costs. A solar water heater uses sunlight to heat water and circulate it through your plumbing system through an active or passive system.

A solar water heater is often configured with a conventional water heater to ensure hot water during winter months. Like a traditional water heater, a storage tank is used to provide a reliable source of hot water.

Installing energy efficient appliances, whether you choose a tankless water heater or solar water heater, can help you qualify for federal, state, and local tax credits and rebates.

At 1st Home and Commercial Services, our plumbers in Austin install energy saving water heaters to help customers reduce utility costs. Learn more about drain cleaning and other routine maintenance to keep your plumbing system working efficiently in the next installment of Plumbing Insights, brought to you by the experts at 1st Home and Commercial Services.