Why Harvest Rainwater?

It’s no secret that Central Texans have suffered through a fairly lengthy drought the past several years. And while we’re far from being drought-free, we have enjoyed some wonderful, soaking rains lately. In fact, many of us have gotten more rain the past month than we received the previous eight months.

When precious rainwater is that scarce, wouldn’t it be great to collect it to use on your Central Texas lawn during those long, dry months? If you’ve noticed in many Austin neighborhoods, many people are doing just that – by installing rain barrels near their rain gutters to collect rain.

Seems like a great first step. But how do you distribute the rainwater once it’s collected?

1st Home and Commercial Services has an Austin plumbing solution – install an integrated water harvesting and distribution system. These systems not only conserve water, they also improve irrigation and landscape management – a positive double whammy.

Rainwater harvesting actually pays you back:

  • Reduces water bills
  • May qualify for city, state and federal rebates and tax incentives

The 1st Home and Commercial Services team is experienced in each phase of making one of these systems a reality for you – from design and configuration to installation and testing. We work closely with clients to design a customized system that maximizes water conservation and irrigation management. We install integrated water harvesting systems that incorporate a rainwater collection system with a pump control to disperse water automatically as programmed. Centralized controls enable efficient management of irrigation systems.

Sustainable Living Solutions Impact our Community

We configure and install state-of-the-art John Deere Green Tech water harvesting systems to harness water power and reduce energy use. Central irrigation controls and wireless technology ensure installation, management and maintenance is even more efficient. We’ll even coordinate with a client’s landscape designer to improve the performance of the irrigation system, from the ground up.

In a nutshell, a water harvesting system is environmentally smart

  • Alleviates demand on municipal water systems
  • Avoids strict watering schedules
  • Nutrient-rich rainwater is more beneficial to your landscape than municipal water
  • Reduces exposure to chemicals
  • Reduces fertilizer use

Call 1st Home and Commercial Services. We provide dependable, licensed plumbers in Austin, TX, licensed plumbers in San Marcos, TX, licensed plumbers in Buda, TX, and licensed plumbers in Kyle, TX, who will work with you to assess your rainwater needs and help you make the most of our dry, Texas climate.