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Your 2019 Home Maintenance Checklist

We are a few weeks into 2019, and we’re wondering how your New Year’s resolutions are holding up so far? If one of them was to make improvements to your house, we’re here to help. We know home maintenance can often get ignored — especially if it’s not impeding your day-to-day. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but eventually, it will (in a big way), and that big way can cost you way more than it ever had to.

To ensure that you are doing your part as a homeowner, to keep your house running as it should, we compiled our 2019 Home Maintenance Checklist below:


Known as one of the most ignored household issues, plumbing problems can often be overlooked until there is a major problem on your hands. From constant clogs to dripping faucets — these issues are all easy fixes that can prevent costly repairs down the road.

Check Your Kitchen Sink

Pay close attention to any leaks, excess condensation or moisture around your faucet fixtures. Though a little drip might seem like nothing at first, it can add up to some big yearly water waste — and it’s usually an easy fix, too.

Check Your Garbage Disposal

If you have a garbage disposal, be more aware of what you put down it. Avoid any fibrous foods, any grease, fats, and oils. FIbrous foods can get caught in the blades or stuck to the sides of the disposal, ultimately leading to a clog. Fats, oils, and grease cling, too, and are also horrible for the environment.

Check Bathroom Drains

Do you have a drain catcher in your shower? If not, make 2019 the year you do. Hair, soap and shampoo residue can be your drain’s worse nightmare. Unfortunately, these can stick to your pipes and eventually cause a slow flow. By adding a drain catcher, you could minimize this from happening, leading to less drain snaking throughout the year.

Check Your Toilets

When it comes to your toilet, there can be a lot of common issues that a homeowner will regularly ignore. If you are continually dealing with clogs, there could be a bigger issue on your hand's that needs to be resolved with the help of a plumber. If you are going through bottles of liquid drain cleaners — stop and give us a call. Liquid drain cleaner can cause some significant damage to your pipes and is just a quick fix.

Check Your Water Heaters

Just like most appliances in your home, your water heater has a lifespan — and though most homeowners hate to admit it, letting it go past this lifespan could be costing you more money than merely going for the upgrade. If you have any of the below water heater problems, it might be time for a new one:

  • Constant strange sounds

  • Water isn’t hot for long

  • Constant leaks

  • A high energy bill

If you are one of those who are experiencing high energy bills, going tankless might be the best option for you. A tankless water heater only heats water when you need it, saving you money in the end. Another bonus: it could be hung on the wall to save space.


Ignore electrical issues can lead to a home fire, so it’s important to know what signs to look for. Not only that, many households are wasting more energy than they realize, so you’ll want to take a look at the below:

Check Smoke Alarms

Replace batteries if needed, test them to see if they are working, and make sure they are placed in their appropriate places.

Go Unplugged

Many of our home appliances draw energy, even when they are not on. To stop this phantom energy waste, put your smaller appliances on a power strip that you can quickly shut off when not in use.

Check Outlets

If you are noticing burn marks on your outlets or they are warm to the touch — it’s time to call an electrician. Stop using them immediately as it could be damaged wiring.


Your home air quality is vital to your overall health, and your heating and air systems play a big part in that. If not taken care of properly, you won’t be able to filter out allergens — leaving to poor indoor air quality to linger. So how does one make sure that your air quality is at its best?

Check and Change Air Filters

Your air filter is the source of your clean air, and if you neglect it, you are not only making your indoor air suffer, but you are also putting stress on your system, wasting energy and putting you at risk for a breakdown. Clean or change air filters routinely, to ensure this doesn’t occur.

Check Thermostats

Make 2019 the year you go digital; it can save you energy by providing more accessible ways to adjust your home's temperature. If you are noticing your thermostat isn’t working as it should — get it repaired or replaced ASAP.

Schedule Tune-Ups

To ensure your system lives a long life, give it the maintenance it deserves with a regular tune-up. We can detect any significant issues before they occur.

If you find any other issues along with your journey, give the experts at1st Home & Commerical Services a call!

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