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Clear Drains with a Safe and Effective Plumbing Treatment

Clogged Drain or Sewer Line?

Many homeowners treat the occasional clogged drain with over the counter clog removers that contain harmful chemicals. For a healthy home and business, 1st Home and Commercial Services recommends Bio-Clean – a safe and effective alternative. Bio-Clean is a combination of natural bacteria and enzymes that will digest dead organic waste in your plumbing system.

Build-up Naturally Occurs in Pipes

Waste – such as grease, soap scum, hair, food particles, paper and cotton – naturally builds up in your plumbing system, causing slow or clogged drains. Bio-Clean will literally “eat” and biodegrade organic waste and gunk from your pipes. It is safe to use in drains, kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, toilets, bathroom showers and tubs, floor drains, laundry drains, septic tanks, grease traps, RV and boat holding tanks, lift boxes and cat litter boxes.

Bio-Clean – Safe for People, Plumbing and the Environment

Natural Drain and Sewer Maintenance

Bio-Clean defies gravity, eating its way up down and across any pipe or plumbing system. Periodic treatment with Bio-Clean keeps your drains and pipes clear of organic waste and build-up.

Let us Tackle Your Toughest Clogged Drain or Sewer Problem

At 1st Plumbing Service, we care about our customers and would rather not see them stressed out about another plumbing problem. In addition to professional plumbing maintenance services, 1st Home and Commercial Services will clear the toughest clogged drain or clogged sewer. We’ll provide drain cleaning and sewer cleaning services, locate the source of the problem in a main sewer line and repair or replace pipes to get your plumbing system working smoothly again.

Learn about sewer system maintenance to prevent plumbing problems in the next Plumbing Insights update, brought to you by the experts at 1st Home and Commercial Services.

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