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Is Becoming a Plumber a Good Career Move?

Plumber Under Sink

Everywhere you look, technology is improving. Millions of jobs have been lost to automation already, with many more set to follow. But there are some jobs that will always need a human touch, plumbing included. 

Plumbing is one of those jobs that seems largely immune to automation. But what are the other benefits of this job? There are lots of advantages to working as a plumber, but many people don't know about them.

If you want to learn why becoming a plumber is still an amazing career choice in the modern age, we've got the article for you. Keep reading this guide to find out more about the benefits of this career. 

High Demand

There are plenty of job vacancies for plumbers everywhere you look. Many things have changed in society over recent decades, but the need for plumbing services remains the same! 

In the coming years, the population of Austin and its wider area is set to continue growing and more homes are being built all the time to accommodate more people.

That means you benefit from higher levels of stability in your role as a plumber. You're unlikely to be laid off as part of downsizing when you work in an industry like this! And if you're a hard worker, you can pick up plenty of overtime to boost your wages. 

Good Wages

No one wants to work in an area where there's no money to be made. Thankfully, plumbing offers great wages due to the skills required and the high demand for the work.

The average plumber's salary in Texas is more than $60,000, a fair chunk more than the national average. 

With skills and experience, your salary could rocket up. There are plenty of opportunities for advancement, and specialized plumbing skills are always in high demand. 


Not everyone wants to work a 9-5. Some people have different needs or prefer an alternative schedule. Luckily, plumbing careers offer a high degree of flexibility depending on the exact job you're looking for.

Emergency response plumbers are in high demand, too. When someone's pipes burst late at night, they may not be able to wait until the next morning for service. That means they may need to call an after-hours plumber to help.

These emergency plumbing jobs may involve working after hours, but they come with extra pay. Many plumbing professionals love to take advantage of these opportunities, which can provide an interesting challenge and big financial rewards. 

The Benefits of a Skill

Becoming a plumber equips you with vital skills that can improve your quality of life. Knowing how to work with your hands can help you in a variety of situations. 

The most obvious extra benefit is that plumbing allows you to work on plumbing issues that may arise in your own home. If a pipe bursts or a sink starts spewing water, there's no need for you to wait around for outside help. Instead, you can fix the problem yourself. 

You could even use your new skills for special projects, or for charity. There's no end to the number of things you can do with these valuable skills.

Varied Experiences

Some jobs involve carrying out the same tasks day after day. Whether it's filing the same documents or driving the same route, repetition can really get you down. 

One of plumbing's greatest advantages is the opportunities it offers for variety. One day you might be fixing a sink in a government facility. The next day, you could be working on backed-up pipes in a private home.

When you work with us, you'll get to travel all over Austin and beyond, working in different parts of the city on all kinds of different projects. You'll also get to work alongside a variety of professionals, learning from different plumbers and other tradespeople. 

Job Satisfaction

In the modern age, many people face job dissatisfaction. Working in fields like administration or customer service can leave some people feeling as if they aren't contributing to society.

Like many other trades, working in plumbing allows you to feel the satisfaction of working with your hands. You can see the results of your work unfold before your eyes and many clients will be delighted to have you help them.

Becoming a Plumber

To become a plumber in Texas, you'll first need to complete 4,000 hours as an apprentice, which should take around two years. This will allow you to pick up the tricks of the trade and gain from the experience of master plumbers. You'll also need to complete 24 hours in the classroom and successfully pass the state licensing exam.

Although it's not exactly easy, obtaining plumbing qualifications and experience is far easier than finding a pathway into many other fields. You can also make money on the job while serving your apprenticeship. 

Training to enter a trade is cheaper and takes less time than studying for a college degree. That's why becoming a plumber represents great value. 

Begin Your Plumbing Career Today

Becoming a plumber is a great choice in the modern age. Working in this field is associated with high wages, job stability, and advancement opportunities. What's not to love?

Here at 1st Home and Commercial Services, we offer a wide range of plumbing careers. We offer great pay, flexible hours, and a supportive environment. Check out our careers page today, and this could be the start of a great opportunity for you. 

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