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Water Wisdom: Easy Ways to Use Less Water

As we continue to roll through days of triple digit heat, nothing is on our minds more than cool, clean water. Whether you’re thinking about downing a tall, icy glass of it or diving into a cold pool of it, we all acknowledge it’s an important part of our daily lives and a nonrenewable resource. So, here are some easy ways recommended by Buda TX plumbers to cut down on your water use (and your utility bill!) while conserving this precious commodity.

Bucket Brigade

When you head in for your daily shower, bring a bucket. Let it fill while you wait for the water to heat up. Use that water for your lawn, plants, or even to flush your toilet. If you’re more into baths, you can reuse your bath water for the same purposes. You can also save the water you use to boil pasta or steam vegetables (allow it to cool before pouring it on your plants).

Fear and Loading

Fill your dishwasher and washing machine before you run them. Washing half-full loads wastes gallons of water. Loading your dishwasher properly (yes, there is a right way!) can also help save water and leave your dishes cleaner. If your dishwasher is up-to-date, you shouldn’t need to pre-rinse your dishes, which will also cut down on your water use. When you need to wash a few things by hand, fill the sink rather than letting the water run the whole time. And if you’re washing produce, put a pot in the sink to collect the water, then reuse.

When washing clothes, avoid the permanent press cycle, which adds an extra 5 gallons of water to each load. And if your washing machine has seen better days, go ahead and replace it. Newer, more efficient machines use 35-50% less water as well as 50% less energy.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s important to save water outdoors as well as in. Start by watering your lawn early in the morning to take advantage of cooler temperatures and provide the best defense against pests. In the full heat of the day, you’ll lose more water to evaporation, and in the evenings, you’re more prone to fungal growth. Make sure you’re watering long enough that the water gets deep down into the roots, rather than just giving the yard a light sprinkle that will quickly evaporate. You can also slow evaporation by adding a layer of mulch (about 2-4 inches) around your trees and shrubs. In addition to retaining moisture, using mulch also discourages weeds and can help prevent runoff.

Looking for Leaks

While you’re making some minor lifestyle changes that will hopefully lead to big savings, you should also check that your plumbing is working properly. Do you have a leaky faucet that needs repaired? These are easy to spot, but there might also be something more serious you can’t see. To check, take a look at your water meter, then go two hours without using any water in your home. Read the meter again. If the two readings are different, there’s a leak somewhere. Contact your Buda TX plumber to find out what’s happening.

Water is a true life-saver during these brutal Texas summers. Treat it with the love it deserves by doing your part to use less!

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