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Out in the Cold: Five Benefits of Cold Showers

Summer is only just (officially) starting, and we’re already sweating up a storm. We’ll take a break from the heat any way we can — swimming pools, frozen margaritas, even . . . cold showers? In addition to keeping you (and your bathroom) from getting all kinds of hot and steamy, cold showers have a number of benefits. See if you can beat the heat this summer by grabbing yourself a cold one!

(Note: we’re talking about choosing to take a cold shower to stay cool this summer. If you’re experiencing a water heater issue, call your residential plumber to discuss a repair.)

Wake Up Call

If you usually get off to a sluggish start in the mornings, a cold shower can help you feel more alert. Your body has a particular biological responses to cold temperatures, including deeper breaths to help you take in more oxygen and increase blood flow. A cold shower will get your blood pumping just like a morning workout — but with significantly less sweating. If the summer heat is making your morning cup of hot coffee seem less appealing, try a cold shower to clear that morning brain fog.

An Ounce of Prevention

When we think of fighting off disease-causing germs, we usually think of hot water, not cold. Especially in winter, when colds and flu are at their worst, we tend to counter exposure to the elements with a nice, hot bath to keep us healthy. Contrary to popular belief, we might be better off stepping into a cold shower instead. A 1993 British study showed that daily cold showers increased white blood cell counts, which help your body fight disease. And that increased blood flow mentioned above also keeps your heart healthy and lowers your blood pressure.

Stone Cold (Pain) Killer

Suffering from sore muscles? Try a cold shower to soothe your current aches and stop delayed-onset pain before it starts. Competitive athletes often take ice baths to reduce swelling and get rid of excess lactic acid, which causes soreness. You don’t have to be quite so hard core — a cold shower will reap you similar benefits. Besides, especially if your workouts take you outside, it’s a great way to cool down after working up a sweat.

Beauty School

Cold showers offer amazing benefits for hair and skin. Hot water can strip your skin and scalp of natural oils, drying them out. Cold water “closes” the pores in your skin — exactly what you want after getting them all fresh and clean. It also seals the cuticles in your hair, helping strands lay flat and resulting in smooth, shiny tresses.

Being Green

In addition to being great for your health, cold showers are also better for the environment. First, you’re saving energy by not heating water. Second, you’re saving water that usually gets wasted as we wait for it to heat up. Every minute we spend testing the water to ensure that perfect temperature is equivalent to about 2.5 gallons of wasted water. (Tip: if you’re not into the cold shower idea, put a bucket in the shower to collect this water and use it on your plants.) Cutting down on hot showers means you’ll see savings on your energy bill as well, as both your water and power usage decreases.

There are many other benefits to cold showers — they can lower stress levels, help build willpower, and even ward off depression. They can certainly make summer more bearable. But remember, we’re only advocating for cold showers taken by choice! If it’s hot water you want, and you’re having trouble getting it, contact your residential plumber immediately.

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