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Eww! What's That Smell? Part 2

(Part 2 of a 2-part Austin plumbing article about strange plumbing odors brought to you by 1st Home and Commercial Services)

Shower or Bathtub Odors

Any Austin plumber will tell you to first check for leaks in the drain traps. Since it’s not always as easy to see this plumbing because it’s under your sink, remove drain covers to make sure there’s water standing in the drain and that the water appears undisturbed.

If there’s no visible water, you see movement, or notice the smell is stronger, you may have a leak somewhere in the trap because that water barrier is gone.

Toilet Odor

The water in the toilet bowl is another barrier between the sewer system and your house, trapping sewer gases on the outside. Most toilets are also constructed to have a trap underneath, similar to your sink. If there’s no water in your toilet bowl it could be that you have a leak in that trap.

Vent Pipe Odor

Another major cause of sewer odor could be a clogged vent pipe. This pipe is supposed to vent sewer gases out of your home, and if it’s clogged, bad odor can happen. Although this is a fairly large pipe there’s a possibility that birds or rodents have made a nest in or near the opening. Check it out.

Could be the Weather

Austin plumbing is especially susceptible to heat- and humidity-related problems. It’s most likely coming from build-up in one of your drains. Whether it’s grease and food particles in the kitchen sink or soap scum and dead skin cells in the bathroom, higher humidity makes odor causing bacteria grow much faster.

A similar problem occurs in Austin-area homes because the A/C is used so much. Broken seals on vents and duct work can allow gasses to escape – not to mention the fact that they’ll also allow cold air to escape, jacking up your energy bill.

Many Austin plumbers suggest a baking soda/vinegar mixture to clear out your drain, but the Austin plumbing experts at 1st Home and Commercial Services suggest an all-natural product called Bio-Clean. It’s simply the best product for preventing excessive organic buildup, is non-toxic, and great for your overall plumbing drainage system. 1st Home and Commercial Services is an Austin-area distributor for Bio-Clean.

As always, 1st Home and Commercial Services provides dependable, licensed plumbers in Austin, TX, licensed plumbers in Buda, TX and licensed plumbers in Kyle, TX who are well trained to help you un-stink any vent, duct or toilet.

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