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Eww! What's That Smell?

Here’s the scenario: one morning you go in to the bathroom to brush your teeth, turn on the faucet and it hits you; the smell of rotten eggs and sewer gasses. YUCK! It’s a smell you certainly can’t miss, but it’s often difficult to determine where it’s coming from or what’s causing this particular plumbing problem.

As any Austin plumber will tell you, sewer gasses are toxic and dangerous to humans. Therefore, it’s imperative that you address the source of the problem quickly in order to keep your family safe and get your plumbing back to normal.

Bathroom Sink Stink

Check for leaks in the drain traps under the sink. There’s a reason those pipes are ‘S’ shaped; the curve in the drain pipes under your sinks holds water which acts as a barrier between your sink and the outside sewage system. The water in that trap actually blocks sewer gasses and prevents them from coming up out of your drains. If there’s no water there, that could be the problem.

Kitchen Sink Stink

Grease and food particles can build up inside your pipes, and as they decompose, become a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. The situation can become even worse if you leave you home for an extended period of time. With no water flushing the drain, the sludge can dry out, creating another problem.

Your garbage disposal could also be the culprit. The blades throw grease and wet food particles up onto the sides of the disposal. Over time, they build up and create yet another breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. While it’s best to completely avoid any type of grease or food particles in your kitchen drain, you can reduce the chance of build-up by regularly cleaning your drain and disposal.

Many Austin plumbers suggest a baking soda/vinegar mixture to clear out your drain, but the Austin plumbing experts at 1st Home and Commercial Services suggest an all-natural product called Bio-Clean. It’s simply the best product for preventing excessive organic buildup, is non-toxic, and great for your overall plumbing drainage system. 1st Home and Commercial Services is an Austin-area distributor for Bio-Clean.

(In our next article, we’ll discuss icky odors coming from showers, tubs, toilets and vent pipes.)

As always, 1st Home and Commercial Services provides dependable, licensed plumbers in Austin, TX, licensed plumbers in Buda, TX and licensed plumbers in Kyle, TX who are well trained to help you un-stink any sink.

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