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Refitting Austin Plumbing to Conserve Water

In the last Plumbing Insights article, we shared tips on reducing waste-water to lower your monthly Austin Water bill.

In keeping with the theme of water conservation, we would like to discuss a hot water recirculation system and how installing one could benefit your Austin-area water conservation.

If you’ve been paying attention to the national weather headlines, you know that while the East has been suffering through the coldest winter in decades, the West has been slammed with the worst drought it’s ever seen. And we in Central Texas have been in the midst of our own drought for several years, now.

Conserving a Precious Commodity

The average family of four can waste up to 14,000 gallons of water every year, just waiting for hot water to flow out of the faucets and showers. What a waste.

Installing a hot water recirculation system cuts the time spent waiting for hot water, thus reducing the amount of wasted water.

How it Works

Installation is fairly straightforward, but does require a plumbing professional to either place a loop of pipe from the water heater and back to carry the hot water around to all the taps, or to install a “Grundfos” hot water circulating pump that does not require a loop. The Grundfos is much more cost effective than running a loop by adding one or more manifolds to the fixtures you want circulated.

Regardless of the pump, it keeps hot water flowing, either all the time, or on a timer so it is circulated at times of peak usage.

It’s best to configure the pump on a switch system or a programmable timer so you’re not constantly using energy to pump water.

If your system uses a switch, you’ll simply press a button to activate the pump. These systems save energy when left in the off position, typically overnight or when you’re out of town.

Turning the system on is as simple as pressing a button and the pump rapidly moves hot water from your hot water heater to your plumbing fixtures – within seconds!

Imagine not having to wait for several minutes to get hot water for your shower. Or to rinse off dishes. Or to wash your hands. And saving thousands of gallons of water a year while you’re at it.

1st Home and Commercial Services can make this a reality for you. We are well-versed in all types of Austin plumbing pumps and water conservation, and would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about a hot water recirculation system. Our licensed plumbers have earned an excellent reputation for providing quality plumbing services in Austin, Buda, Kyle, and San Marcos, Texas, and we have the customer testimonials and reviews to prove it.

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