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How to Prepare Yourself for an Austin Plumbing Emergency

It would be great if all plumbing emergencies happened when it was convenient – you know – like, between 9 and 5.

But we all know plumbing emergencies don’t happen like that. The very nature of emergencies is that they happen when it’s least convenient. At night. On weekends. Upon returning from a long vacation. Oh, and lest we forget, the ever popular and equally dreaded holiday plumbing emergency.

It’s been said that the more one sweats during peace, the less they’ll bleed during war. In other words, it pays to be armed with knowledge before an emergency happens. Here are some basic guidelines so you’re prepared in case of an Austin plumbing emergency:

  1. Have a good idea how your home’s plumbing is laid out, and know where the main water cutoff valve is located. In fact, write it down so everyone in the family knows the layout, as well.
  2. Keep basic tools, like wrenches and a bucket, handy in case something goes wrong.
  3. Keep handy the name and number of a good local, emergency plumber.

What to Look For in an Emergency Plumber

  1. The company should be reputable. Do your research. Ask friends who they use. Check rating agencies like Yelp or Angie’s List. Ideally, this company should have a proven track record and plenty of positive written reviews.
  2. Their pricing should be fair. Of course, after-hours and emergency plumbing will cost extra, but those additional charges should be reasonable.
  3. They should communicate with you. They should explain what the problem is, their solution for it, and how best for you to handle this kind of problem in the future, if it happens again.

1st Home and Commercial Services is well-versed in all types of Austin plumbing emergencies, from broken pipes to water heater replacements. Our licensed plumbers have earned an excellent reputation for providing quality emergency plumbing services in Austin, Buda, Kyle, and San Marcos, Texas, and we have the customer testimonials and reviews to prove it. Check around and do your own research. And then give us a call, before a plumbing emergency catches you off guard.

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