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More Popular Plumbing Myths You Should Know

Last month we talked about some popular plumbing myths and promised to tell you about several more this month. It seems, that for whatever reason, there are many myths out there that directly affect the efficiency and longevity of your home plumbing. At 1st Home and Commercial Services we want to help our customers make sense of what they should and should not be doing when it come to their toilets, drains, and pipes. If you ever have any questions about a plumbing issue, please contact us. We provide quick, friendly and knowledgeable service to Austin and surrounding areas.

Before we discuss some of the myths that can impact the upkeep of your home plumbing, here are a couple of myths that might help you on your next game of Trivial Pursuit.

Myth 1: Thomas Crapper Invented The Toilet

Did Thomas Crapper invent the toilet? No. Thomas Crapper was a real person and was even a real plumber in London, England. He did help to make improvements to the flush toilet or water closet as it was known in his day (1836-1910). Thomas Crapper was lowborn and never knighted either. Sir John Harington is the person who invented the idea for the flush toilet and the first patent for a flush toilet was issued to Alexander Cummings in 1775.

Myth 2: Water Flushes A Certain Direction Based On What Hemisphere You’re In

Water flushes counter clockwise in the Northern hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern hemisphere. This myth might make for good conversation, but it is not true. The direction of the flush is determined by the design of the toilet or drain. This idea is based on the Coriolis Effect, but this scientific principle does not apply to bodies of water as small or fleeting as what is in your toilet bowl.

Now here are a couple other myths that will have more of an impact on home plumbing.

Myth 3: Wipes Are Made To Be Flushable

These relatively new products are causing lots of problems for homeowners and creating lots of work for plumbers. The so-called flushable wipes are not biodegradable like toilet paper and therefore are clogging many homeowners’ lines. Yes, the wipes will flush down the toilet just fine, but so will a sock. Out of sight, out of mind is not a good policy when it comes to plumbing.

Myth 4: Toilet Bowl Tablets That Contain Bleach Will Keep The Toilet Clean

These tablets may very well do a good job of keeping the bowl white, but at the same time they are bleaching the toilet bowl, the bleach is destroying the working parts of the toilet. Tablets with bleach that are designed to sit in the toilet tank will take about 6 months to break down parts in the toilet. It is a much better idea to put bleach in the toilet bowl, let the bleach sit for about 10 minutes and then flush.

Myth 5: Putting A Brick In the Back Of The Toilet Tank Will Save Water

Bricks will deteriorate over time causing things in the toilet, like the flapper, to break. If you cause the toilet to displace too much water, your plan for saving water will backfire since you will have to flush twice to remove what didn’t get washed away the first time. Investing in a water wise toilet is a much better plan.

1st Home and Commercial Services is here to help with all your plumbing concerns no matter how big or small. Next time you are in need of a plumber, give us a call!

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