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9 Insider Tips for HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

Are you in the market for air conditioning repair in Austin, TX? 1st AC and Heating would like to be the company you choose and trust to complete your HVAC system repair. We want to give you 9 insider tips that will be helpful when selecting the best place to call to schedule your air conditioning repair in the Austin, TX area.

1. Who to Call

The most important decision you will make concerning your HVAC system is whom you call to repair, maintain, and install it. You have many choices in the Austin area, so it is important to do your research and make sure you select a company that has a solid reputation with skilled service technicians ready to address your concerns. By selecting the right air conditioning repair company, you are ensuring less cost and headaches down the road.

2. Do Your Research

We recommend taking time to do your research before you are in a hurry and need an air conditioning repair company quickly. Waiting to select a company after your unit has an issue, usually leads to less than desirable results. Leave yourself time to check customer reviews, BBB reviews, certifications and training, and to discuss your options and compare companies against one another.

3. Whole House Approach

When it comes to air conditioning and heating repairs in Austin, TX there are many factors that can affect the indoor comfort of your home and your utility bill price. Work with your air conditioning and heating company to create a whole house approach to repairs and improvements. The overall HVAC system performance will be affected by improvements made to the duct sealing, insulation, solar screen, and radiant barrier on your house.

4. Installation

Keep in mind that there are more companies selling AC repair and heating equipment than there are factories that manufacture those products. This is why the first tip is important. Installation of the product is very important.

5. Keep It Clean

Surfaces in your home’s heating and cooling system that air passes over or where heated and cooled air are exchanged, must be kept clean for the system to work at peek performance levels and to not break down prematurely. Talk to your local Austin area AC repair company to determine which parts of the system can be cleaned by you and which should be serviced by a trusted HVAC professional. A clean air filter is vital to keeping your air conditioning in good repair. 1st AC and Heating now offers online ordering of air filters to help make this important maintenance task a bit easier for our customers.

6. Why to Clean

I’m sure you have seen the commercials about having your air ducts professionally cleaned. Before you call to schedule this service, it is wise to determine why they need cleaned. A dirty air duct may be a symptom of another issue.

7. Schedule Now

Calendars fill up fast with activities and obligations. It can be easy to neglect routine maintenance on your air conditioning and heating system. Instead of overlooking these tasks, call your local Austin air conditioning repair company to schedule a maintenance plan. 1st Home and Commercial Services offers plans that help keep our busy customers comfortable year round.

8. Beware of Extended Warranties

Beware of extended warranties. Many of these plans end up being of poor value to consumers. Watch out for offers made by third parties and for exclusions and deductibles that are hidden in the fine print.

9. Look at Factory Matched Systems

When looking into a major component replacement, such as evaporator or condenser coils, air handlers, compressors, or heat exchangers it is best to look at factory matched systems instead of trying to field match parts. A factory-matched system will perform better over time and may qualify for rebates and incentives that field matched parts will not.

1st AC and Heating wants to be the company you trust and rely on for air conditioning and heating repairs in the Austin area. Please call us today or visit our website to learn more about our company and the services we offer.

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