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Is it Time Update Your Pipes?

corroded plumbing pipe

If you have been in your current home for a long time, you might be dealing with some outdated plumbing. Your pipes can rust, corrode, and break over time if not properly taken care of. This can lead to leaks and flooding within your home! If you notice any of the below signs, it's time to make it a point to update your pipes.

The most common signs:

  • Discolored Water: if you notice brown or murky water coming from you sink, that may be a sign of damaged pipes. When your pipes corrode, rust builds up and can travel through the water system. If not dealt with, the rust can clog the pipes and cause them to burst!

  • Low Water Pressure: Whether it's from the shower or the sink, low water pressure is often a direct result of leaks within your pipes. The water doesn’t get pushed through completely and can damage parts of your house it is getting into. Depending on where the water lands, the spot can grow mold and mildew over time, affecting your health. It’s a downward spiral that you want to avoid immediately!

  • Your Pipe’s Material: Depending on how old your house is, your pipes could have been made by older material that won’t hold up as newer ones will. Older systems use iron and lead, whereas newer systems use brass and copper. Brass and copper pipes tend to last longer. If you have any kind of lead pipes, you should update them right away. These types of systems have been shown to be dangerous to people and could add toxins to your water.

  • Very Old Pipes: If your house is older than 50 years old and you haven’t changed your pipes, you are more than likely due for an update. Any number of the above issues can occur, so you might as well get it out of the way. Even if your house isn’t that old, if it’s been a while since your last upgrade, you should consider replacing some systems!

If you find that you are experiencing any one of these signs, give the experts at 1st Home & Commercial Services a call!

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