What Should the Water Pressure Be in Your Home?

What Should the Water Pressure Be in Your Home?

A high-powered shower feels great! The water pouring out on you as you relax after a long day or try to wake up early in the morning.

However, did you know that having the water pressure set too high can lead to broken water pipes and costly bills?

High water pressure stresses your plumbing system and makes the probability of broken pipes much higher. The water pressure in your plumbing lines dramatically affects the life of your plumbing.

So what is the ideal setting for your water pressure?

Normal water pressure should register between 40 and 80 psi (pounds per square inch).

If your water pressure is above these levels, then call 1st Home & Commercial Services so we can help you save money and headaches by installing a pressure regulator on your home plumbing system.

Most water fixtures are designed to withstand 80 psi, but the water pressure coming from the City of Austin water supply requires a pressure reducing valve if your water pressure is greater than 65 psi. That is why a PRV or pressure reducing valve is often recommended by plumbers.

How to check the water pressure yourself.

You can check the water pressure yourself by purchasing a hose bib scale at your local hardware or plumbing store. A hose bib scale will attach to an outside faucet. After it is attached, open the faucet valve on the plumbing line to receive your water pressure reading.

A simple check will ensure that you can enjoy your shower and make sure that the water pressure is set in a way that is protecting your water pipes from future breaks.

If you have questions about how to check your water pressure or any other plumbing concerns, please contact us at (512) 957-2992 and we will be happy to help.


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