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What To Consider When Updating Your Outdoor Spaces

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As the weather warms up and winter starts to fade away the anticipation of outdoor events starts building. Having a nice meal outside with friends and family or reading a book in the sun are simple outdoor pleasures. However, it’s not fun to be outside when you don’t have a great space to spend your time. This blog will serve as a guide on what to consider when wanting to update your outdoor space.

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The first step to adding electronics to your outdoor space is to assess where you can place electrical outlets. It’s helpful to have a plan of where you would like to hang lights, install a television, mount a fan, or any other devices that need electricity to run. Outdoor electrical outlets vary from those you have inside your home or commercial property. Outdoor outlets have watertight covers to help protect the outlet and plug from water, this will help prevent an electric shock. Also, the National Electrical Code requires all outdoor outlets to be GFCI, ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, which means they turn off automatically when there is moisture in the circuit. This measure is to help prevent electric shock.



If you’re planning on creating something totally new or renovating already existing structures, electrical wiring will be near impossible to avoid. Just like outlets, the wiring will help power everything and anything you want to add to your outdoor space. It’s also important to give proper attention to your electrical wiring because it needs to be installed safely. You’ll know if your wiring needs attention if you notice frayed exposed wires, a burning smell, or buzzing outlets or switches. There are a lot of rules and regulations listed by the National Electrical Code to keep your electrical system safe, so it’s best to have a professional electrician assist you in laying or fixing your property’s wiring.

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A great addition to an outdoor space can be an outdoor kitchen that can include a grill and sink. If you’re looking to install a gas grill, you’ll need to install a gas line that only a certified Master Plumber can install. In order for an outdoor sink to work, it will need to be hooked up to the plumbing. With an outdoor sink, you have to be conscious of outdoor debris that can get stuck in the drain and the changing of the seasons to make sure nothing bursts or breaks. A professional plumber will be able to let you know if any additional plumbing is needed, help install any additional plumbing, and give solutions for the maintenance of the outdoor sink.


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