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What to Expect During a Heating Maintenance

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In the year of 2021 many Texans learned just how brutal winter weather can be. At 1st Home & Commercial Services, we believe that one of the best ways to ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly during, and after winter into spring is to schedule a seasonal maintenance. Below are some things to expect during a heating maintenance with one of our licensed HVAC technicians.

Signs Your System Needs Maintenance

If you notice any of the following signs it’s recommended to take note of it. While our technicians are experts trained to detect any possible issues with your HVAC system, it’s helpful to have a record of any red flags the customer may have noticed prior to our visit. This will contribute to our technicians by giving them an idea of what the issue is, and what to inspect first when evaluating your system.

Signs you may need maintenance:

  • Your system is getting to be upwards of ten years old
  • You hear strange noises (popping, crackling, hissing, etc.)
  • Your heating or electric bill is increasing
  • You have the heat on high, but your home is still cold
  • You notice a build-up of dirt, grime, dust, and other filth near your furnace
  • In general, all manufacturers recommend regular seasonal maintenance on HVAC equipment and sometimes require proof of regular maintenance to maintain your system's warranty.

The Benefits of a Heating Maintenance

It may seem like a big undertaking to schedule a heating maintenance for your HVAC system, but it’s better for you and your home in the long run. Taking the time now will save you frustration, and possibly money later. Some of the benefits of a heating maintenance include system failure prevention, saving you money in repairs and monthly bills, and ensuring your system is running as efficiently as possible.

During the Maintenance

During the heating maintenance, the technician will first ask you for any details, concerns, or wants that you may have. They will then start working through the heating maintenance checklist. The checklist consists of tasks such as inspecting the flue pipe and electric heating element. Inspecting and cleaning the area containing the HVAC unit, and checking the electrical components such as the capacitor, contactor, and fan motor. Once the maintenance is completed the technician will discuss any notes or findings with you, and present estimates for any recommended repairs. These will be sent to you via email along with a copy of the maintenance report, which is the checklist that the technician followed, but filled in with the information found, and any notes or recommendations the technician had.

Our technicians are happy and well equipped to answer all questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to speak up and ask for clarification if needed.

Our Peace of Mind Membership

The heating maintenance is included in our Peace Of Mind Maintenance Program along with a cooling maintenance, plumbing inspection, and electrical inspection. There are also other benefits to becoming a member of our maintenance program including eligibility for residential emergency service, discounts on repairs or major component replacements, and priority scheduling.

Have a question about your home’s heating system? Contact 1st Home & Commercial Services at (512) 957-2992! We are here to help you get all the maintenance you need.