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Will The Supply Chain Shortage Affect My HVAC System?

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By now you’ve heard of or been affected by the current global supply chain shortage. It seems almost every industry has been hit, from the automotive industry to the furniture industry and beyond. So, will the supply chain shortage affect your HVAC system should you need to repair or replace an appliance? Below, we’ll break down the shortage and what you can do to avoid being affected.

Why Is There A Shortage?

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a lot of people panic buying items in bulk. This made it harder for shelves to stay stocked and for people to get the items they needed. With more people in their homes, we saw an increase in demand for most items that the supply workforce was not able to keep up with. Even now in 2022, the supply chain is still playing catch up due to shutdowns, assembly line changes, and the growing labor shortage. We are also seeing shortages as prices for raw materials and transportation increase, making it harder for items to be made and then released.

What Items Are Being Affected?

Across all HVAC systems and appliances, many items are becoming harder to get your hands on, or when you are able to get them their price has significantly increased. The raw materials, like copper, that make a lot of motors, compressors, or semiconductors for appliances are in high demand and have low supply. Just like with the automotive industry, the microchip shortage is affecting high-efficiency furnaces and other similar systems. We are also seeing items used in air conditioners running out of supply, like evaporator coils which absorb the heat from the air in your home. Some items are taking months to be put back in stock or ship out to consumers.

What Can I Do?

While there is no way to go around and avoid the whole supply chain shortage you can take steps to ensure your property's HVAC system is running smoothly. The best way to prevent an issue from happening is to stay on top of getting your HVAC system regularly inspected. By contacting 1st Home & Commercial Services at (512) 957-2992 you can set up an HVAC maintenance inspection. Our team of experts can help prevent an issue or help diagnose a current one. Members of our Peace of Mind Maintenance Program receive 1 AC and 1 Heating inspection, with an added bonus of 10% off repairs.