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Bio-Clean Natural Clog Remover

A Green Plumbing Solution for Austin Plumbing Systems

A little more than three years ago, 1st Home and Commercial Services became the Austin distributor for Bio-Clean Natural Clog Preventative. Since then, we’ve treated some of Austin’s worst plumbing systems.

A Green Plumbing Solution for Austin Plumbing SystemsBio-Clean, an environmentally safe and effective drain treatment, is a green alternative to the harmful chemical treatments that many plumbers use or the types consumers can buy over the counter. Bio-Clean treats and maintains plumbing systems using a special combination of natural bacteria and enzymes. It literally digests organic waste in Austin pipes and plumbing systems.

This is great news for the growing numbers of Austin plumbing consumers who are choosing green alternatives instead of products with harmful chemicals for cleaning and maintaining their homes and commercial properties.

An ounce of Prevention…

In addition to treating drains and sewer lines, Bio-Clean should also be used periodically to prevent build-up. It works much more effectively than chemical clog removers that rely on gravity to reach clogs in pipes and dilute as they travel through a plumbing system.

Because Bio-Clean is an active bacteria and enzyme, it moves up, down and throughout the plumbing system to feed on organic waste and natural build-up.

It’s Great for Austin Septic Systems, Too

Anti-bacterial soaps, bleaches, bowl cleaners, chemicals, detergents, and food preservatives within a septic system will inhibit or kill bacterial action, causing solids to accumulate and potentially cause clogs in the sewer drain field.

Using Bio-Clean as a regular maintenance treatment in a septic system helps to prevent problems from arising. The bacteria and enzymes in Bio-Clean are formulated to biodegrade synthetic organics that typically clog septic systems. Through this process, organic waste is converted into water, carbon dioxide and small amounts of mineral matter – a much safer alternative for pipes and the environment.

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