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What's Happening, Hot Stuff: Why Is My AC Unit Blowing Hot Air?

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While part of the country is eagerly anticipating cooler temps, Central Texans know we have several months to go before a respite is in sight. Your air conditioning unit has been working hard all summer to keep you cool, but what do you do when your home is suddenly not so chill? Don’t sweat! The fix for an unexpected burst of hot air might be as simple as flipping a switch, and if not, it’s often something your Kyle TX AC repair team can take care of quickly and easily.

Check Your Settings

Just humor us here: go take a look at your thermostat and make sure it’s set to cool. We know it sounds silly, but frequently the cause of the problem is that the thermostat has been accidentally bumped or nudged from cool to heat. We also recommend setting your fan to auto rather than on. The on setting causes the fan to run continuously, even if your AC unit isn’t currently cooling that air. While you’re at it, make sure the thermostat has fresh batteries and that the temperature isn’t set too high (around 78 degrees is good).

Check Your Power

If your thermostat isn’t the issue, move on to your electrical panel. This is Texas, so your AC unit is running a lot, and all the power it uses might have tripped a breaker. If so, flip it completely off, then back to the on position. Check that the emergency shut-off switch, which should be located on the exterior wall near the outside part of your AC unit, is set to on.

Check Your Unit

While you’re outside checking that emergency switch, take a close look at your unit. Is it clogged with dirt or leaves? Is there another obstruction? If the airflow to your condenser coils is blocked, your unit isn’t able to properly cool the air. Try to maintain at least two feet of clearance around your unit and regularly sweep or rinse away debris.

Check Your Unit (Again!)

If your outdoor unit is clear, it’s possible the problem is coming from inside the house (cue scary music). If it’s been awhile since you last changed your air filter, the buildup may have led to a clogged or frozen evaporator coil, which results in your unit blowing hot air. This issue can’t be DIY-ed- go ahead and change that air filter, but call in a professional to clean the coil.

Check Your Levels

Finally, you might be low on freon, the refrigerant used by most AC units to cool the air. Ice forming on the inside and outside of your unit is a sign that your freon levels are low. Note that simply adding freon is not the solution — if the freon level has dropped, there’s a leak in your system that needs to be repaired or this will be an ongoing problem. Freon is a dangerous chemical, so leave the work to your Kyle TX AC repair team.

Check Your Chill

A little hot air is nothing to get fired up about! Perform the suggested checks above and call for professional help if necessary. And keep in mind that a preventive maintenance contract can help you keep your cool by allowing your HVAC specialist to spot potential issues up front.

Whether you need AC repairs, installations, or replacements, look no further than 1st Home and Commercial Services. Call today to schedule your appointment! 

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