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The Full Rundown: Why Is Your AC Constantly Running?

It’s officially summer here in Central Texas, and we’re already feeling the heat! With temperatures soaring above average this season, it’s perfectly normal for your air conditioner to be working hard. However, if the AC is blasting 24/7 and you’re still feeling overheated, that could be the sign of a potential issue. Below, our Austin AC repair professionals clue you in to some of the reasons your unit might be running overtime- and how to stop the problem before it runs wild.

Measuring Up

When it comes to your AC unit, size matters. A unit that’s too small just won’t get the job done without working at maximum capacity all the time (and even then, it’s unlikely to get your home to the desired level of coolness). Like most things, that level of performance isn’t sustainable over time, so your unit is headed toward an early demise. On the other hand, a unit that’s too large doesn’t remove moisture from the air effectively, which will leave your home clammy and uncomfortable. In this instance, it pays to be like Goldilocks and find the unit that is sized just right!

Keep It Clean

If the problem isn’t the size of your unit, the next thing to check is the cleanliness of its various components. Have you changed your air filters recently? If this is a task that regularly slips your mind, you might consider signing up for a filter delivery service to keep you on schedule. Changing the filters is easy enough, but other possible issues, such as dirty coils, aren’t quite as simple to spot. Both the condenser coils and the evaporator coils are susceptible to built up dirt and debris, which can block the air flow and inhibit performance. A seasonal maintenance plan can help keep the coils (and all the other bits and pieces) in prime condition.

Seal of Approval

If your ducts aren’t properly sealed or if your insulation is insufficient, then all that wonderful cool air is escaping, and your home will never reach the set point on your thermostat. Make sure you’re not losing air through leaky ducts or poorly insulated walls or roofing.

Check Your Thermostat

It’s possible the issue isn’t your AC unit at all but rather, what’s controlling it. If the thermostat isn’t registering the temperature of your home correctly, it’s going to tell the air conditioner to continue to run. You can double check your thermostat’s work by grabbing another thermometer and placing it nearby. Check in on it after an hour or so and see if it matches up with your thermostat. If it reads lower than the thermostat, the thermostat needs to be repaired or replaced.

Run For Your Life

While some of the issues above can be solved by the average homeowner, a number of them require a visit from a professional to properly diagnose and repair. Whether it’s a matter of simple cleaning and maintenance, replacing a leaky duct, or upgrading your current unit to one that’s better-sized for your living space, your Austin AC repair team is here to help.

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