1st Home and Commercial Services Providing Skilled Plumbing to One of the Fastest Growing Areas in the United States

Over the past several years, San Marcos, Texas, has been listed as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. 1st Home and Commercial Services is proud to offer San Marcos residents, new and established, plumbing care that you can count on for your home and business. This past year, the San Marcos area was hit by the worst flooding experienced since the 1920’s, and also had severe drought conditions. Wow! Only in Texas right? Well, that kind of weather along with the fast paced growth in the area can bring up some major questions about water quality and availability. San Marcos, TX, is home to many pristine waterways. Citizens in the area are concerned about keeping them that way. The rivers not only provide entertainment for residents and tourists, but the area is home to the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. This area is home to many unique plants and animal species, in addition to being the place that Mother Nature recharges and naturally purifies the area’s drinking water.

Ground water in Central Texas is becoming a hot button issue as more and more people move to the area. Conservation will become an even bigger issue as the population grows, and more people must share the same resources. 1st Home and Commercial Services specializes in designing and installing rainwater harvesting systems. This technique can help home owners and businesses maintain landscaping, save water during times of drought, and help ensure that the natural resources of the area remain available for many more years to come. If you are interested in learning more about rainwater harvesting, give us a call today to discuss how 1st Home and Commercial Services can help you design a system that is right for your individual needs.

Did you experience damage during the floods that occurred this year? 1st Home and Commercial Services would like to remind you to make sure that all your mechanical systems have been checked. Your water heater, for example, should be replaced after a flood since it could have been contaminated with the dirty floodwater. Often after a flood, we are concerned with the damage we can see and very overwhelmed by the events, and may not consider the systems in our home or business that we cannot readily see. 1st Home and Commercial Services is available with a team of trained professionals to help you check, or double check, that everything in your home and business is working correctly and prepared for everyday plumbing needs, or, heaven forbid, any other natural disaster that may overwhelm your plumbing systems.

As the Central Texas and San Marcos areas continue to grow, 1st Home and Commercial Services will be here to help residents maintain, revitalize, and repair residential and commercial plumbing. We provide service that you can depend on and trust. We live here and work here, so next time you are in need of a plumber, think of 1st Plumbing. We know the issues you are having because we have family and homes in the area too.