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4 HVAC Myths vs. Truths

Myth # 1: You need to change your air filter once a year.

Fact: Your air filter should be changed every 2 to 3 months to keep your system running efficiently and help save on energy bills. During times when your unit is being worked harder, it is recommended to change the filter more often. Dust, pollen, and pet dander are just a few things that may be clogging the air filter and reducing air flow. Contact us to discuss how a regular maintenance plan can help save you time and money.Plumber

Myth # 2: Closing air vents in unused rooms will help push air into rooms you are using and reduce the load on the HVAC system. This will help reduce the electric bill.

Fact: A modern forced air and heating system is balanced throughout the house. Blocking a vent can impact how the system “inhales and exhales” air, throwing it out of balance. An imbalance will cause the system to work harder and possibly break down. Shutting off airflow in rooms can eventually ruin the compressor. This means costly HVAC repairs or even replacement. Instead, it is recommended to leave all vents open in the house to allow the air to circulate throughout the house at a balanced rate.

Myth # 3: Ceiling fans will cool a room, especially when you are not home.

Fact: Fans cool your skin, not the air. Fans do not lower the room temperature. A fan works by circulating the air in a space. When the air moves across your skin, you feel cooler even though the air temperature in the room remains the same. When a fan is left running when no one is home, the benefit is not being felt by anyone (unless you have pets) so the running fan is probably just increasing your electric bill.

Myth # 4: Your HVAC system does not need to be checked unless there is a problem.

Fact: Your HVAC system must be maintained in order to run efficiently. Just like a car needs to have the oil changed, gas put in the tank, and air put in the tires, a HVAC system requires regular maintenance. Avoiding routine maintenance checks until there is a problem will lead to costly repairs and maybe even replacement. 1st Home and Commercial Services offers affordable maintenance plans to help keep your system running efficiently, effectively, and safely all year long.

We have been pretty lucky so far this year in Central Texas. The heat has been held off for longer than usual, but if you have been outside the past couple of days you know that is changing. Call us today if you have any questions or concerns about the performance of your HVAC unit. We will be happy to schedule a check up and provide suggestions for how to get the top performance from your HVAC system.