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We Don't Kid About Safety: Electrical Safety Tips for Families

The holidays are almost here! We’d like to invite you to take a break from the December whirlwind of shopping, wrapping, and decorating to consider the littlest members of your family — the ones who are about to settle down for a long winter’s break from school. Before the inevitable vacation boredom kicks in, why not take some time out for an electrical safety lesson? Your 1st Home & Commercial Services electricians have broken down our safety tips according to age, so you can give your family information they can understand, and rules they can easily follow.

Preschooler Power!

We recommend skipping the detailed explanations of how electricity works and focusing on basic safety precautions for this age. Use clear and consistent language to help young children understand the power and potential dangers of electricity, the same way you would caution them about touching a hot stove or running into a busy street. Make sure all the unused outlets in your home have outlet covers to prevent the most curious from testing out a finger or toy. Examine electrical wires to ensure they are not frayed and keep them out of the way of small children at play. Always unplug and put away small appliances (hair dryers, irons, etc.) as soon as you finish using them. Your kids are not only watching your every move; they’re listening too, so feel free to talk out loud about the safety precautions you’re taking.

Early Elementary Excitement (K-3rd)

By this point, most children are learning some basic information about electricity and electrical safety at school. Don’t rely on their teachers to do all the heavy lifting — make sure you’re doing your part. This is a great time to revisit basic rules and elaborate on the reasons behind them. For example, ask them why don’t we put metal in the microwave or touch an electrical appliance while wet? Hopefully, they’ve learned never to put any foreign object in an outlet, but do they know to pull from the plug, never the cord? As older children begin using appliances (with supervision, of course), remind them about appropriate safety measures. This is also an excellent time to start conversations about conservation — enlist your child’s help in finding fun ways to save energy as a family!

Older Elementary Excellence (4th-6th)

At this age, most kids know the basics of electrical safety and can be trusted to use many appliances on their own. As they take on more independence, it’s important that they recognize the accompanying responsibility. For example, if they notice a frayed cord, it’s not enough to stay away — they need to tell an adult, so the problem can be dealt with. Now is a good time to stress outdoor safety rules (never play near power lines or swim during a thunderstorm) and talk about standing up to peer pressure. Older children might also be interested in learning about alternative energy sources and can continue to look for ways to save energy in their daily lives.

The best safety rule for any age is, “When you don’t know, ask!” If you’ve got questions about electrical safety, ask your Buda electricians — we’ve got the answers! From all of us at 1st Home and Commercial Services, best wishes for a safe and happy holiday.

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