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Protect Your Home With A Residential Electrician

Your home is your castle, right? Actually, in many ways, your home is much better than a castle – less drafty, easier to clean, and full of modern amenities like wifi, indoor plumbing, and, of course, electricity. Since electricity makes so many of our daily activities easier and more convenient, it’s important to make sure your home’s electrical system is up-to-date and working as efficiently and safely as possible. Hiring a residential electrician to inspect your system and perform any necessary updates can protect your castle and save you money in costly electrical services down the road.

Your home’s electrical system brings electricity into your home and distributes it to the various outlets, lights, and appliances. Your electrical panel determines how much total electricity you have to distribute, while circuits do the actual work of sending that electricity to, say, the power outlets in your bedroom. The first things your local Buda residential electrician might do to upgrade your system are:

  • Install a new panel to allow more electricity into your home
  • Upgrade the circuit box to handle additional power
  • Replace any components that are out of date, especially those that are damaged or potentially dangerous
  • Install additional circuits or outlets to distribute the power more efficiently or to power new appliances

If your home is 25 years old or older, upgrading your electrical panel is a must. Older homes were not designed to handle the same amount of power that modern homes typically use. These homes were generally built for around 60 amps of use, whereas today we often use up to 200 amps. An outdated panel poses a serious safety risk and could result in fire or electrocution.

It’s not only older homes that need attention. If your bathroom lights dim every time you turn on your hairdryer, or you’re experiencing frequent power surges, those are signs that your panel isn’t working properly. You might also check your breaker box for things like rusty or corroded switches, crackling noises, and overall temperature (the box should not be warm inside when opened). Likewise, if your circuit breakers trip frequently or if you’ve resorted to using an extension cord in place of a broken breaker, your home is in need of electrical work.

Even if everything is running perfectly now, consider how your needs might change in the future. Buying a new juicer is one thing, but if you’re thinking of purchasing something along the lines of a hot tub or air conditioner, you’ll likely need additional power. And of course, any type of major home remodel or addition should factor in electrical services. The last thing you want is to be cutting open the walls of your beautiful new media room because there’s not enough power for that 70” HDTV.

Tempting as it may be, this is not an area to DIY. Electrical work is much more in-depth and dangerous than installing new countertops. Hiring a professional electrician is essential for your own safety (not to mention that the cost to repair poorly done work can be quite high!). To ensure your home is running optimally and that all your electrical needs are being met safely and efficiently, consult your local Buda or Kyle electrician to upgrade your system. What better way to maintain your castle?

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