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The Top Home Mistakes For Energy Waste

Do you know how much energy you are wasting daily? For most homeowners, the answer is unknown. In today’s busy electronic-based world, it seems like electricity is always at our fingertips and between charging smartphones and devices to heating and cooling your home — the energy bill can start to rise. So if you have noticed a particular increase on your energy bill, here’s a few common home culprits that could be the cause.

Choosing The Wrong Lighting

What lighting do you have around your home? If it’s outdated incandescent light bulbs can cost a lot more than today’s energy-efficient models. Yes, the initial price might be higher, but in the end, the savings in energy and on your electrical bill will genuinely add up.

Keeping an Outdated Thermostat

A smart thermostat is one of the biggest home savers. It’s not only convenient to use, but it also helps you save money in the long run, too. Why is that you ask? Well, this new addition to your home will allow you to adjust the temperature from the comfort of your smartphone. So if you are planning a vacation and left with the AC on, you can now shut it with ease from wherever you may be. It will also allow you to set temperatures for certain times of the day, so you can auto-adjust if you’d like. All are saving you energy waste.

Ignoring Repairs

Letting your system go years without a tune-up is not wise. Regular tune-ups will check your order from top to bottom to ensure it’s working at it’s best. A damaged system will have to work harder to provide your home with cold air, leading to an increase in your energy bill. The same goes for your filters. If you ignore regular filter changes, the dirt and debris will bog down your system and make it harder for the air to get through your vents. That is why you should order and replace your vents as recommended by your manufacturer.


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