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Garbage Disposal Care: Keeping Your Drains From Stinking Up A Storm

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The Garbage Disposal, Your Trusty Companion

The garbage disposal is such a great tool that we can often take for granted. Have leftover food and are too lazy to throw it out in the trash can next to you? No problem, chuck it into the sink, down the drain it goes, flip a switch, and like magic, your garbage disposal will make the mess disappear.

While a garbage disposal can eliminate a lot of food waste, you might be unaware that some of the foods you are throwing down your drain are harming your pipes. Here are some tips to help your garbage disposal stay happy.

Don’t Pour Down Fatty Liquids Or Oil Down The Drain

We mean it! As tempting as it may be to get rid of your leftover cooking oil down the drain, we urge you not to do so. Also, do not think hot water being poured down your drain will help to pour down oil. Hot water may look like it breaks down the thick cooking oils and lets it go down your drain, but that’s far from the case.

Often, the water will quickly go down your pipes, but the oil will stick to the sides of your pipes. Hot oil will eventually cool down in your pipes, especially in the fall and winter months, causing a build-up of hardened fats. This build-up of oil can cause clogs and overflows when you go to use your garbage disposal. On top of clogs, you may also notice a rancid smell coming from your drain.

If you need to get rid of leftover oil, try putting it in a sealable jar and dispose of it in the trash instead. You can also consider composting the oil if you do not want to throw it out.

Be Careful What You Throw In The Drain

While oils can be a mess for your garbage disposal, keep an eye out for other foods as well. Hard food materials like chicken bones can put a lot of strain on your garbage disposal blades. Bones will not break down as easily, and fragments may get stuck in your pipes.

On the other end of the spectrum, softer starchy foods, or even very fibrous foods, can be a nightmare for your garbage disposal. Starchy foods can gum up your system, and fibrous foods can unleash a swarm of fibers that clog up your pipes. Try sticking to only disposing of softer foods and liquids in your garbage disposal instead.

Regular Cleaning And Maintenance

Make sure that before you clean your garbage disposal, you turn off the system completely to avoid any accidents. You can pour baking soda and vinegar down your garbage disposal to get rid of food material that could be stinking up your kitchen. Remove any grime you may notice on your splash guard. You can also run some cold water, ice, and rock salt to help clean stickier grime that may be stuck in your garbage disposal.

If you have a severe clog or issue with your garbage disposal, you might need more than just baking soda. The professionals at 1st Home & Commercial Services offer the best care in making sure your garbage disposal is running smoothly! So give us a call at (512) 957-2992, and we can make sure that your garbage disposal is not stinking up a storm and ruining your meals.