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Plumbing Service Maintenance Agreement

Why would I need a plumbing service maintenance agreement?

Commercial businesses know how important plumbing maintenance is to ensure that their plumbing system works efficiently without interruption. Plumbing maintenance is particularly important for restaurants and manufacturers.

Property management companies benefit from plumbing service maintenance agreements to ensure that a commercial properties or an apartment complex has a team in place to quickly address any plumbing issues reported by tenants.

At 1st Home and Commercial Services, we offer plumbing service maintenance agreements to residential and commercial customers. We are customer service oriented and will diagnose an issue promptly. Our experienced plumbers are equipped with the tools and materials to tackle plumbing emergencies efficiently. When a client purchases a plumbing service maintenance agreement, we begin by completing a comprehensive home plumbing inspection to uncover any potential issues before they become major problems. The cost to the customer is less than a one hour service call, and provides the customer with peace of mind knowing that there plumbing system has been checked by a trained professional.

A partial list of services included in the plumbing service maintenance agreement follows:

  • Flush water heater
  • Inspect water heater for leaks
  • Check water heater drain valve
  • Check water heater relief valve
  • Dye test toilet
  • Check exposed water lines
  • Check drain lines
  • Check emergence shutoffs
  • Check hose bibbs for leaks

Customers benefit by from periodic plumbing maintenance through extended plumbing equipment and fixture life, assured safety of a properly working plumbing system, and potential reduced utility bills – saving customers money on water bills and reducing the need for emergency plumbing service calls.

At 1st Home and Commercial Services, we provide plumbing maintenance and service to ensure your plumbing system is working properly. Learn more about maintaining your septic tank in the next installment of Plumbing Insights, brought to you by the experts at 1st Home and Commercial Services.

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