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Trained Backflow Prevention Specialists

Backflow Prevention in Austin

Backflow Prevention devices are designed to prevent water contamination if water pressure is not maintained in a plumbing system. A water main or frozen pipe that bursts could cause significant damage to a plumbing system. The backflow prevention device prevents ground water or water from other sources to contaminate potable water.

At 1st Home and Commercial Services, our backflow prevention specialists are trained and certified to install all types of backflow prevention devices. We test backflow prevention devices annually or as required by local water municipalities and assure that it is currently performing backflow prevention functions properly. We’ll assess the backflow device and recommend any needed repairs, service or calibration. Contact us if your backflow device is broken or leaking. It is often possible to repair a backflow prevention device at a lower cost than replacing the entire backflow device.

Backflow Prevention Testing

1st Home and Commercial Services provides comprehensive backflow prevention testing, repair and installation throughout Austin and surrounding areas.

If you have a burst or frozen water pipe, we will quickly identify the source of the problem and repair your water pipes and plumbing fixtures. We install, test and repair backflow prevention devices to maintain your plumbing systems performance. Call 1st Home and Commercial Services for efficient plumbing service in Austin.

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