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The Modern Bathroom's Interesting Backstory

Given all of the modern luxuries we take for granted in our Central Texas bathrooms today, looking back at the history of this once-humble room is quite an eye-opener.

Post World War II

The GI’s return from war spurred two significant shifts in how Americans used their bathrooms in the 1950’s. Soldiers were expected to shower every day. This seeped over into the general population and as a result, many people, especially men, switched from bathing to showering.This shift demanded plumbing changes in the form of shower heads installed above bathtubs and large circular rings to hold a shower curtain.

And secondly, rather than only bathing once a week, which was the norm in this country, people began more regular body hygiene habits by bathing or showering more frequently. Basically, we can all thank the U.S. Military for an everyday shower or bath.

In the decades that followed, manufacturers debuted vanities, tubs, plastic and glass shower doors, and fixture and vessel collections. By the mid-1980’s, major retailers, including The Home Depot and Lowe’s, began carrying major brand names in the bath products industry. And with that, the remodeling craze has continued to this day.

Sixty Years Later

For today’s American homeowner, having a new bath with all the latest designs, bells, and whistles, has become a sort of status symbol. In some homes, the bathroom has become a showroom of splendor, tranquility and escape; a far cry from the days of entire families bathing in the same tub of water on a Saturday night!

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