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6 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Out of Trouble in the Bathroom

Do you have kids? I bet if you do, you know that silence is usually not a good thing and that those sweet little devils can get into trouble faster than you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Here are our top tips for making sure your little ones stay safe in the bathroom:

1. Put Anti-Slip Bathroom Stickers in Your Tub

To ensure that your little ones do not slip while bathing, we suggest putting a bathmat or anti-slip bath stickers on the bottom of the tub. Some manufacturers even make the “stickers” with a label that appears if the water temperature is too hot. These stickers are available in many different fun designs that your kids will love!

2. Never Leave Your Child Unattended

Never leave your child alone in the bathtub! Stay close to them at all times so you can reach them quickly. Make sure to collect bathing materials such as towels, soap and lotions before you put them in the tub. If you have older children, check on them often while they are bathing.

3. Use Grab Bars

When your child is bathing it is a good idea to have a grab bar within easy reach. Movable grab bars are available which can be re-positioned, as your child grows older and taller.

4. Unplug Appliances After Every Use

Not only does this tip help conserve energy, but also it will help your little one stay safe. If you have appliances that are used regularly in the bathroom make sure to unplug them after every use. A young child who is not aware of the potential dangers could easily pull hair dryers and toothbrushes into the water.

5. Check Water Temperatures Regularly

Make sure to actively monitor water temperatures. Water can become scalding hot very quickly without supervision and an extended bathing session by your little mermaid or merman can mean the temperature cools down quickly as well. As mentioned above, some anti-slip stickers are available with “sensors” that let you know if the water temperature is too hot for young bathers.

6. Lock Up Those Medications

Keep all medicines in a locked cabinet. This goes for cleaning supplies as well. Many pills and tablets may look like candy to a small child.

With a little preparation and precaution, your bathroom will be a safe place for your child to enjoy bath time. We hope these tips help remind you to keep your family safe as they grow. Make sure to keep 1st Home and Commercial Services in mind for all your family plumbing needs.

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