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Summer is Right Around the Corner: Is Your AC Ready?

You hear it all the time. The comment, “I am so busy”. Spring is a beautiful time of the year in Central Texas, but it also can be a hectic time. Spring cleaning, yard work, children’s sporting events, the list goes on and on. AC maintenance and repair is typically not at the top of the to do list until it becomes a problem. You turn on the AC on that first hot day of the year and man, it’s not cooling properly. Rather than wait for this scenario to play out and have to languish in a hot house while the repairs can be made, contact us today for an AC check up. We will come out and check if your system is running properly, clean it if needed, and recommend any repairs to ensure that you are prepared for the summer heat.

There are many reasons an AC unit stops working. The unit could have a broken motor, clogged air filter, refrigerant leak, or a bent fan blade. With all the things that can go wrong with your AC, it is important to have a professional AC repair specialist diagnose the problem. If AC repairs and maintenance are ignored, a simple repair can turn into a costly total AC replacement.

Give 1st AC and Heating a call today at (512) 957-2992. Make sure your AC is ready for the Texas summer heat!

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