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3 Reasons To Buy A New Air Conditioning System This Fall

Was your AC unit making some interesting noises this summer? Did it keep the house cool, but you wished it were a bit cooler? Are you ready to upgrade and save money on a newer, more energy efficient unit? Did you have your fingers crossed that your AC system would make it through one more brutal Austin summer? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, you will be happy to know that fall is the perfect time to buy a new HVAC unit. Here are some reasons to give 1st AC and Heating a call to discuss how we can help you save money on a new Air Conditioning System today!

1. Cooler Temperatures Make the Installation Process Easier For Everyone

Having work done on your house can be a pain. During the summer months, installing a new AC unit means having to turn off the cool air and it can get hot while the work is being completed. For your HVAC repair person working in the summer temperatures is down right miserable. Imagine climbing up into the attic to check ductwork in 100 plus degree heat. Not so much fun. The fall offers milder temperatures that are more pleasant for the homeowner and HVAC repair person.

2. Making an Appointment is More Convenient

During the winter and summer months heating and air conditioning specialists get busy. Many people call in with emergency repairs that need to be dealt with as soon as possible. No one wants to be without cool air in Austin for more than a few hours during the summer and even though people up North don’t believe us when we say it gets cold here, being without heat during the winter is no treat either. Business slows down a bit in the fall as we get the chance to give our air conditioning and heater a break. When you call for an appointment, we will be able to offer times that are much more flexible and convenient for you.

3. Prices Decrease, Saving You Money

Remember economics in high school? Your teacher taught you the principle of supply and demand. The same principle holds true in the HVAC industry. The demand for air conditioners decreases at the end of the summer and thus the price decreases as well. Making right now the perfect time to get a great deal on a new system. If you wait until the peak of summer to replace your system, it will cost top dollar.

Give 1st AC and Heating a call today to schedule an appointment to have your HVAC system checked out. We will make sure the heater is ready to work hard for your this winter and help you select a new Energy Star Certified air conditioning that will help save you a bundle of money when the summer comes back around.

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