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Ceiling Fans and Texas: We're Big Fans of Staying Cool

Searching for ways to keep your home cool this summer? How about something that will save you money, protect the environment, and make your living space more beautiful? The best solution might be just over your head. Let’s talk about replacing that old light fixture with a new ceiling fan. There are many reasons why Austin electricians recommend installing ceiling fans to keep you comfortable year-round.

Lower Cooling Costs

While ceiling fans don’t actually lower the temperature of a room, they do create a wind chill effect, which makes you feel cooler – usually by about eight degrees. Using ceiling fans in combination with central air conditioning means you can set your thermostat higher, which leads to a lower utility bill (most people report savings of 30-40%) and a smaller environmental impact. For additional savings, set your fan blades to rotate the opposite way in cooler months. This will push warm air down from the ceiling, making your room more cozy and saving you another 15% on your bill.

Earn Style Points

With so many options on the market today, you can use your new ceiling fan to complement the decor in any room. From classic to contemporary, minimalist to ultramodern, there’s a fan for every space. Check out some of HGTV’s examples of all the ways a ceiling fan can up the wow factor in your home. Some companies even offer interchangeable blades, so you can transform your look without having to replace the fan entirely.

Know the Basics

What to look for when purchasing a fan? First off, size matters! Knowing the dimensions of the room will help you select the perfect fan for the space. For 100 square feet or less, you’ll want a fan with a 30-48” blade span. Rooms between 100 and 400 square feet should use a blade span of 50-54”, and for rooms over 400 square feet, use a 56” blade span. Other factors to consider include blade width and pitch (for optimal air flow, blades should be 5 inches wide and have a 12-14 degree pitch), blades that have been treated with a moisture sealant to prevent problems like warped wood or tarnished metal, and sealed and lubricated ball bearings, to make maintenance easy. Also, if you’re installing the fan outdoors or in a bathroom, it’s essential to get one that is damp-rated or wet-rated.

Professional Installation Saves Time and Hassle

To make sure your ceiling fan installation gets done right (and quickly!), give your Austin electrician a call. Your home electrician knows how to properly wire the fan so that it’s up to code and won’t cause your system to short. They can also ensure the fan has proper buffering and a tight connection, so that no damage occurs to your ceiling. Maybe you want a dimmer switch or for the wall switch to control the speed of the fan separately from the lights- a home electrician can make this happen for you quickly and easily.

Keep Your Cool

Whether you’re looking to save money, add style, or just stay cool, adding or upgrading ceiling fans in your home can make a world of difference. Find the one you love and let an Austin electrician take care of the rest.