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Plumber vs Nature: Tree Roots Clog Pipes

See those wonderful trees in your yard? Aren’t they lovely? Beautifying your landscape, providing shade on a hot day, soaking up carbon dioxide and supplying fresh oxygen in return — so many benefits! However, they can also be the source of a major nightmare for homeowners: clogged sewer lines. Here’s what Buda TX plumbers want you to know about this tangled issue.

One Man’s Trash Is a Tree’s Treasure

Your sewer line is one of your home’s most important features. It removes sewer water and carries it to the main city sewer. Let’s not imagine what happens if it is blocked and unable to do its job properly. Which leads us to trees: their root systems are always on the lookout for water and nutrients. That sewage water we find so disgusting is actually a nutritious treat for your trees. So if there’s a way to get to that water, tree roots will find it.

Plastic Preferred

Any type of pipes can be susceptible to tree root intrusion. Older clay pipes are most prone to problems, as their joints are extremely weak and fragile. Cast iron pipes, while slightly better, still corrode over time. Most new homes have plastic pipes made of ABS or PVC. Plastic pipes are the best deterrent to tree roots, but they’re not perfect – if there are cracks or broken joints, those powerful roots will find them and take up residence, which may require a visit from a Kyle TX plumber for repair.

An Ounce of Prevention

You can take steps to head the problem off before it starts. Find out where your sewer lines (and other utilities) are located before planting new trees. You can contact your local public works department or call 811 to obtain this information. Once you know the location of your sewer lines, avoid them! Plant larger trees as far away as possible, so that their roots can’t reach your pipes. If you must plant close to the lines, choose something that is slow-growing with a small root ball. Remember that as the tree grows, so do the roots!

The Root of All Evil

Preventative measures are all well and good, but what if you already have a problem? First, determine if tree roots are the issue or if something else is clogging your pipes. A few things that may indicate tree root intrusion: you live in a heavily wooded area, your drains clog frequently, and there’s a gurgling noise coming from the toilet. Now’s the time to contact your Buda TX plumber for professional assistance. Your plumber will send a video camera into the sewer line to verify the presence of tree roots and then take steps to remove them. Temporary solutions your Kyle TX plumber might employ include chemical herbicides or snaking the line with a metal auger. In more extreme cases, the lines will need to be replaced.

Keep Your Home Healthy

A leaky or broken sewer pipe can lead to serious health and sanitation issues, so if you suspect that those lovely, shade-giving trees in your yard might have infiltrated your sewer lines, you’ll want to act fast to protect your family and save money on the cost of repairs. Contact a Buda or Kyle TX plumber today to get to the root of the issue and ensure everything continues to flow smoothly.

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