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Top Tips for Summer Plumbing Problems

Central Texas summer is in full swing, bringing beach trips, backyard barbecues, even a few unexpected (and extremely welcome) rainstorms. Is your household plumbing surviving the extra stressors this summer? Let’s take a quick look at the parts of your home that need extra TLC when the temperature rises.

Sprinkler Strife

The start of summer is a great time to clean sprinkler heads and inspect them for leaks — if you missed doing an inspection earlier this year, it’s not too late to give them a thorough once-over and replace any that are damaged or rusted. Sprinklers are huge water wasters when they’re not working properly, so giving them an annual check-up can be a big money-saver. And be sure to watch out for your sprinkler heads as you mow your lawn.

Toilet Troubles

While having the kids home for the summer can be great fun, it can also wreak havoc on your toilet. Remind them to use only what they need when it comes to toilet paper and to keep other objects (including self-proclaimed “flushable” wipes) out of the toilet. If a clog occurs, use a flange plunger to clear it. If that doesn’t work, call your plumber for professional assistance.

Disposal Disasters

Summertime includes lots of good eating — it’s the perfect time to have friends and family over for a backyard cookout! But keep a close eye on your cleanup crew, as many popular summer foods don’t play nicely with your garbage disposal. Items that need to go in the compost bin instead include watermelon rinds, corn cobs, peach pits and other fruit stones, fibrous vegetables like celery, starches, bones, and grease. Allow cold water to run for a few seconds before and after using the disposal to keep it working at its best.

Washing Machine Woes

Are your laundry loads sky high over the summer? You’re not alone. Trips to the pool, houseguests, the prep and aftermath of family vacations, and just the everyday cycle of sweat and dirt all contribute to the increase. Make sure your machine is up to the task. Now’s a great time to pull it out from the wall, check all the connections to make sure they’re tight, and ensure the hoses are in good condition, without any kinks, cracks, or bulges. Take a look at the wall and the floor around the washer as well to make sure there’s no mold, mildew, or damage. And while it’s tempting to save time and energy by filling the washer to its limit, stick to smaller loads to avoid overtaxing your machine.

Suffering Sewer Lines

While we love the relief those brief summer storms provide, they may be doing a number on your sewer lines. When the ground is dry, a sudden storm can wash dirt and debris straight into your pipes, resulting in blockages. If there’s water backing up in your toilet or bathtub, give your plumbing professional a call.

Avoid the trials and tribulations often associated with summer plumbing! Follow our tips to keep all the components of your home running smoothly this summer, and don’t hesitate to call for help if a problem really heats up.

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