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Get in the Spring of Things: Getting Your AC Ready for Spring

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We hope you’ve been enjoying a beautiful spring here in Central Texas! Our gardens are loving these cool mornings and warm afternoons — it’s practically perfect right now. We’ve been here long enough to know these gorgeous days won’t last for long. Mother Nature will surely be turning the heat up to high shortly. Before she does, make sure your AC is prepared to handle it! Here’s what we recommend you do now to ensure your system is ready to take the heat.

Filtered Out

When’s the last time you changed your air filter? We recommend switching them out every three months (more often if they are of a lesser quality), so swapping them every time the season changes is a great way to remember this task. It’s especially important to install a clean filter at the end of winter, as all the collected dust and debris will prevent your AC from cooling as efficiently as it could.

Need an easier way to stay on top of those filter changes? Sign up for our filter delivery service. We’ll bring the right size filters straight to your door to save you time.

Get Your Ducts in a Row

Your filters are clean, but what about your ducts? If it’s been five years or longer since you’ve had a professional duct cleaning, now’s the time to schedule one. You’ll breathe easier and enjoy better indoor air quality after a thorough cleaning. If you’re an allergy sufferer (which sometimes seems synonymous with “Austinite”), this service is a must!

And while you’ve got someone out cleaning the ducts, make sure they also inspect the ductwork for any leaks or gaps. You’re paying good money for that cooler air; don’t let it escape! Keep it from falling through the cracks by ensuring ducts are properly sealed and in good condition.

Give Me Some Space

Once things are in good working order inside, it’s time to take it outside! Inspect your unit for trash, leaves, and other debris that might have collected over the winter months. Doing some spring planting? Remember to keep at least a two-foot radius around your unit. Think ahead and be sure you’re giving those seedlings plenty of room to grow without infringing on the space your unit requires to function efficiently.

Brand New Day

Even if your system appears to be in good working order, Spring is the perfect time of year to consider any upgrades you may want to make. Have you had your eye on a smart thermostat? Get it up and running now, so it can learn your daily routine and start saving you money.

Is your unit nearing the end of its expected lifespan? Do you worry that this is the year it’ll finally bite the dust — on the hottest day of the year? Consider replacing it now so you can stop worrying and feel confident as summer approaches. While a new system is a major investment, it will also work more efficiently, saving you money on your monthly bill. Our team works quickly and efficiently with AC installations to ensure you're comfortable. 

Want to offload this entire checklist to the pros? Sign up for a preventive maintenance contract. Not only will our HVAC technician make sure your equipment is ready for each new season– you’ll also get discounts and priority scheduling if something does go wrong. In the meantime, give your AC unit a good spring cleaning, and enjoy another gorgeous week of spring in central Texas!