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Holiday Cooking Drain Tips

Tips to Keep Your Drains Clog-Free

For anyone hosting the holidays, you might feel like you have a long list of to-dos dragging you down. From running to the supermarket to getting the house clean and ready for guests, the last thing you might consider is your drains. However, by giving them a bit of attention, you can prevent yourself from a significant holiday dinner disaster.

Prep With Preparation

It can be easy to go about your day preparing the foods without concern for your drains. However, not all food items are drain-friendly, even if you have a disposal.

If you are chopping celery or peeling potatoes, be sure to do so over a garbage can (not your sink). Wipe any peelers or blades before putting them in the sink. If you plan to cook a turkey, don’t let the leftover grease and fat go carelessly down the drain. Instead, save an old coffee can, and place any fats or oils in that before placing the pan in the sink. You can then put the lid on and throw it away.

Scrape the plates

Let's face it: sitting at the sink after your holiday feast is the last thing you want. By scraping your plates before tossing them in the sink, you can ensure that your drains are clogged up with leftover food and that you’re not putting in the extra elbow grease to get them squeaky clean. Another option is to ditch the china and go for a fancy set of disposal plates.

Run the Water

Lastly, as you finish cleaning out the sink, it’s never a bad idea to run your water a little bit longer, especially if you have a disposal. This will help clear the drain and ensure everything is getting to where it needs to be.

ProTip: If you notice your garbage disposal is not so fresh, you can always grind citrus peels to fight the odor, too.

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