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Fall into Better Heating Habits This Winter

Creating Better Heating Habits This Winter

Heating a home can be a costly expense, especially when you do so without proper knowledge. For many, when the draft of winter air hits inside your house, your first step is to go right to the thermostat and turn it up a few notches or degrees. Though this seems like the most practical solution to the winter chill in the air, it’s also the cause of your rising heating bill.

Though in some cases, your thermostat is the solution to your problem, there are other options in the home to ensure your home is comfortable and efficient. So to make it through this winter with a smaller utility bill than the winter before, here’s what you should consider:

Keeping up With Your Tune-ups

Just like going to the doctor for your checkup, your annual tune-up is an essential way to ensure your heating system is healthy and ready to make it through the season. When you get regular maintenance, we will give everything a thorough look over so we can spot any worn out parts or other small issues before they lead your system to break down.

Not to mention, when you keep up with these “check-ups,” you have a better chance of abiding by your warranty. Beyond that, it’s also the best way to keep the lifespan of your system long, your air quality high, and your electric bill low.

Change Your Thermostat Settings

Lowering your thermostat settings and bundling up a bit at night? You could potentially save 3 percent on your bill per degree you reduce it daily. One easy way to do so is with a programmable thermostat. Not only are these modern and digital beauties easy to change right from your smartphone, but they also learn your heating habits and set specific temperatures at different times. Making them the most efficient thermostat option for all homes. So if you’re still living with an older thermostat, you might want to consider an upgrade.

Don’t Forget Your Ceiling Fans

Another big misconception many homeowners face is that their ceiling fans are best utilized in the spring and summer months; this is not the case. In fact, not only do they add a beautiful accent piece to the room they are in, but with a simple shift of the direction of the blades, you can help bring the warm air down and add some circulation into your home. Before you know it, you’ll be able even to keep the thermostat temperature down too, leading to a bit of a reduction in your energy bill.

Consider Your Heating Issues by the Room

You might find that your living room and bedroom are always at perfect temperatures, but that recently-converted garage that became your den — not so much. When new construction comes to play, many forget to think about the heating and cooling in these rooms. Though you might think this means you need to add in air ducts, or (for some) you might just be surviving with a few space heaters, one of the most efficient ways to keep these new additions in your home comfortable is with a ductless mini-split unit.

Get Creative

Lastly, you don’t always have to turn up the thermostat every time you feel a bit of chill at home. Layering up, adding a few throw blankets to your living room decor, or sipping on a hot beverage like coffee or tea can always help keep you cozy without the need for the further rise in your thermostat. Besides, continually turning the temperature up and down can harm your unit and waste money in the end.

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