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Commercial Businesses: Retrofit Plumbing Fixtures

Learn how to stay in Compliance with City of Austin Water Conservation Plumbing Fixture Requirements

Part 2 – Showerheads

In addition to utilizing water conserving toilets and faucets, any business or facility in Austin providing showers – from apartment complexes with five or more rental units to health or fitness centers – must be equipped with water-conserving showerheads that are designed to provide dispersed and reduced water flow and automatically clean debris from its water channels or pores. Showerheads must have an adjustable spray that produces a water cone that is not more than 42 inches wide in a size and half foot vertical drop. The showerhead is required to have a maximum flow rate of three gallons a minute in an inlet water pressure of between 20 and 80 pounds per square inch when measured with the adjustable spray in the fully opened position. Finally, the showerhead must resist damage by water heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit with an inlet water pressure of 125 pounds per square inch. These same requirements apply to hotels and motels in Austin.

Not sure if your showerhead is in compliance? Contact 1st Home and Commercial Services and schedule an appointment where our expert plumbers will test your plumbing fixtures and recommend any necessary adjustments. We educate and inform businesses of a variety of options that will keep you in compliance and also help to reduce your utility bills.

Learn about water heaters and more energy conservation measures in next week’s installment of Plumbing Insights, brought to you by the plumbing experts at 1st Home and Commercial Services.

Certain exceptions do apply to the water conservation regulations and business owners can read more about the complete water conservation ordinance on the City of Austin website.

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