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Install Pressure Regulating Valves and Qualify for a Rebate

City of Austin Water Conservation Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) Rebate

Pressure Regulating Valves are water conserving plumbing fixtures designed to reduce incoming water pressure from a water main that is too high for average use. Installing Pressure Regulating Valves saves water and preserves a property’s plumbing system. In many cases a PRV will also help to reduce energy costs.

Plumbing Science – How much is too much water pressure?

When water pressure is too high, the increased force of the water may erode or wear down plumbing system components more quickly, leading to leaks in appliances, water heaters and pipes. By installing PRVs, the reduced friction may help prolong the appliance or plumbing fixture life expectancy.

Pressure Regulating Valves also enable consumers and businesses to reduce their water use through more functional water pressure distributed throughout the property.

If a property’s water pressure is higher than 50 pounds per square inch (psi), a resident may benefit from installing Pressure Regulating Valves. The City of Austin requires residents and businesses with pressure greater than 65 psi to install a PRV.

Not sure if you need a PRV?

Contact the City of Austin at 974-2199 and find out the estimated water pressure for your residence.

Find out how Austin residents can qualify for a $100 Pressure Regulating Valve rebate on the City of Austin Water Conservation website.

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