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3 Tips for Keeping Monthly Bills Lower This Summer

It is about to get hot, hot, hot! Are you ready? Not sure you can ever be completely ready for the Central Texas heat and humidity, but do you at least know if your AC is ready to compete with the heat? Now is the perfect time to give 1st Home and Commercial Services a call and schedule a routine maintenance check up on your AC unit. Ensure that you don’t get caught sweating when the temperatures soar.

Here are three ways you can help your AC keep your house feeling cool during the summer heat:

1. Window Shades

Using blinds to keep direct sunlight from entering your home has been proven to reduce the indoor temperature in your home by up to 10 degrees. By adding a sunshade, such as window treatments, drapes, or window tint you can reduce the indoor temperature by an additional 5-10 degrees. Not bad. So, we recommend making sure every window in your home has some variety of window treatment that will help reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering the home.

2. Replace Air Filters Monthly

We know that the filters recommend on the packaging to replace them every three months. However, this tip will help your AC unit run more efficiently during the high usage time periods and help lower bills. This is how. The air filter circulates air to and from your AC unit. Your AC system is like a large vacuum that depends on the free circulation of air in order to run with peak efficiency. A dirty filter that is clogged with dirt and debris creates higher pressure and causes the AC system to work harder in order to circulate air throughout the home. Replacing the filter monthly can save you up to 35% on monthly energy bills. As an added bonus, you will be breathing cleaner air too.

3. Make Sure Your Thermostat is Calibrated

It is not uncommon for a thermostat to fall out of calibration or to reset by accident. This can happen when you have a loss of power in the home, an individual changes the temperature settings, or someone may just bump into the device. It is estimated that improper settings on a thermostat cause up to 40% of summertime maintenance calls. Be proactive and sign-up for our Preventative Maintenance program.

By following these three simple tips, your house will be cooler over the summer and you can save a ton of money on energy bills. Remember to call 1st Home and Commercial Services with all of your heating and cooling needs. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, now is a perfect time to call for a routine system check up to ensure your AC is ready to work hard for you this summer.

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