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5 Reasons to Never Skip Heater Maintenance

technician repairing furnace

It can be all too easy to skip a year or two of heater maintenance--in fact, many people go years without scheduling a single maintenance appointment for their heaters. However, what they don’t realize is that during that time, their heater is gathering dust and grime, losing efficiency, undergoing extra wear-and-tear, costing more money to operate, and growing more susceptible to a mid-winter breakdown.

If you’ve ever thought about skipping your heater’s annual maintenance appointment, consider the following.

1. Your heater collects a lot of harmful dust.

Too much dust in your heater can make it “bite the dust” prematurely. When dust builds up around the heat exchanger, it prevents air from warming up as much as it could. When it accumulates in the burners, it can create ignition problems and prevent your heat exchanger from reaching its optimum temperature. Dust can even throw off your motor fan’s balance or cause your blower to overheat.

2. Your heater needs maintenance to help it run efficiently.

As mentioned above, dust is just one factor that can keep your heater from operating efficiently. The components can also loosen, and the motor and bearings lose lubrication. Problems like these make it harder for your system to reach the temperature on your thermostat. The equipment will have to run for longer cycles under more strain, using more energy, and costing you more money.

3. Routine maintenance helps prevent mid-winter system failures.

Getting your heater maintained allows you to identify and solve smaller problems with your system before they become major ones that cost a lot more money to fix. Also, if you do need a unique replacement part, you’re more likely to get it quickly early in the heating season, rather than the middle of winter, when some parts can end up on backorder.

4. You’ll save money throughout the heater’s lifespan.

Routine maintenance not only makes your annual heating costs lower--it also costs you less over time because your system will need fewer repairs, and it will last longer. Replacing your HVAC system is one of the most expensive home installations you’ll ever pay for, so it makes sense to get the most out of your investment by taking care of it.

5. Maintenance reduces safety risks.

It isn’t unheard of for a furnace to develop a leak in the flue pipe or gas line. A buildup of gas in your home can be hazardous, as it’s a volatile substance that could explode. Furnaces that rely on gas or oil can also develop a cracked heat exchanger, which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Technicians will check this critical area of your heater when servicing the equipment.

At 1st Home & Commercial Services, your comfort and safety are our top priorities. Schedule your heater maintenance appointment today by giving us a call at (512) 957-2992 or contacting us online.

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